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Eddie's Red Baron Project Wiki is a living document relating to the development of Edward Espinoza's fictional modern day fantasy, tentatively titled "The Red Baron." The wiki includes an outline and overview of the fiction's plot, characters, universe, and the project itself. The wiki format allows Eddie and fellow collaborators web access to the project's ideas and server as a backup to notes and data conceived offline.

Plot Synopsis

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The Red Baron Saga

The Red Baron is a modern fantasy epic about Juan Figueroa (aka The Red Baron), a courageous, strong-willed young man, who is a college student and regularly attends marital arts classes, though he’s abilities are subpar compared to his classmates, particularly both his teacher and his best friend. When Juan mysteriously receives a necklace granting him extraordinary abilities, Juan is thrust into a centuries long battle against The Dark Baron, who means to use the necklace’s abilities for himself. But when the Dark Baron’s forces prove too powerful, he must train to harness the full potential of his new powers while defending against the Dark Baron’s regular onslaught by receiving tutelage from old and new allies, joining forces with the necklace’s guardian, Vanessa (the White Warrior), and ultimately defeat the Dark Baron, in spite of the fact that the Dark Baron will stop at nothing (including kidnapping his bother) to force the Red Baron to relinquish his necklace and tensions between Juan and Vanessa due to her past with former lover and a former guardian of the necklace turned Dark Baron ally.

Tribulations (of the Tainted Dragons) Saga

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Redemption Saga

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